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Tweet from BBC Daily Politics and Sunday Politics (@daily_politics), at 10 Jul, 9:23 pm

“And I can see from your face, you know it” @chukaumunna “To try and blame everybody else now is absurd”

“I disagree” George Eustice #bbcdp

Tweet from Channel 4 News (@Channel4News), at 4 Jul, 4:37 pm

Vote Leave’s former chief Matthew Elliot wouldn’t do an interview with Channel 4 News, so we tracked him down to ask about the Leave campaign’s alleged overspending.

Tweet from David Miliband (@DMiliband), at 24 Jun, 8:18 pm

Project Fact not Project: How Brexit is already costing the Treasury 440 million pounds a week. Business is right to be worried. Taxpayers should be too.

Tweet from Haggis_UK – #FBPE 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 (@Haggis_UK), at 10 Jun, 11:54 am

Richard Christian(port of Dover) – EU freight is processed in about 2 minutes & we handle 10,000 lorries a day which = 180km of freight. Non EU goods takes 20mins to several hours to process & this somehow has to be brought back down to 2mins post #brexit

#FBPE #marr #ridge

Tweet from Chuka Umunna (@ChukaUmunna), at 2 Jun, 9:31 pm

WATCH: This week, Nigel Farage claimed he never said Brexit would be a ‘success’. Brexit’s going so badly, he’s trying to rewrite history.

Don’t let him get away with it – please RT this so everybody knows this isn’t the Brexit promised. #PeoplesVote