Crowd Funding

Challenge to UK Government/DUP deal for breaking Good Friday Agreement

The 48% Growth Fund

We aim to raise a small fund to help increase traffic to our community, grow our page and reach a larger audience.

Fight Brexit War Chest


Overview –

POSTCARDS FROM THE 48% is a documentary feature film.

Films do help change minds.

This is what we think the film will achieve –

  1.  A tool to help Stop Brexit.
  2.  To show the EU that we are not all hardliners and some of us value our association.
  3. If Brexit does happen, then one day we will want to rejoin. This film I hope will help that cause.

We need further funding. Will you help please ?

Do what’s best for Britain!

Support the country’s biggest tactical voting drive ever and stop Extreme Brexit.

More United’s General Election Fund

To help elect a new generation of MPs on June 8 to fight for a more united, less divided Britain.

The Theresa May Float- Stop Brexit Tour

Now the General Election called for 8th June 2017 , this fund is to bring the May Brexit Float out on tour & protest.

Restoring Integrity to Our Democracy – Independent Counsel Opinion

By Restoring Integrity Team


In Brexit, the UK political system has failed the people on a massive scale.

Our future, and that of our children relies on the integrity of our democratic processes. This action seeks to safeguard democracy for everybody, by ensuring that UK electoral law – if found to have been broken – is upheld.

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